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The Gardens

An overview of what you’ll discover upon visiting.

The Iris Beds

Bed 1, Welcome Bed

Bed #1, located at the front entrance of the garden, houses a little bit of everything, with the intent being to have something in bloom most of the time. Bulb Iris in early spring, then reblooming dwarf iris, followed by reblooming medians, reblooming Tall Beardeds, Siberians, and lastly Iris domestica, a late summer bloomer.

Bed 2, Historic Iris Preservation Collection

Bed 2 houses our collection of rare Historic cultivars (1500 to 1989). This bed is partially sponsored by the Historic Iris Preservation Society.

Bed 3, Median and Dwarf Iris Bed

Bed 3 houses the Dwarf irises, Miniature Dwarf Bearded (MDB) and Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB), including rebloomers. Don’t miss the Robin Shadlow reblooming introductions, generously donated by our sponsor Iris Sisters Iris Farm!

Bed 4, Minnesota Preservation Bed, Spurias, Sponsors

This large corner anchor bed is divided into 3 sections. It contains iris cultivars hybridized in Minnesota, as well as Spurias and introductions from our sponsors of the garden, including many historic and reblooming irises.

We wanted to have a section dedicated to irises hybridized by our sponsors, with sincere gratitude for their generous sponsorship.

  • Breezeway Iris Gardens (George Bacon introductions)
  • Holly Lane Gardens (Jack Worel introductions)
  • Schreiners Iris Gardens: The Schreiners, who started hybridizing irises in Minnesota before moving to Oregon, helped sponsor this garden in celebration of their Minnesota Heritage.
  • Sutton’s Iris Farm (Sutton family introductions)

Bed 5, Louisiana Iris Bed

Bed 5 houses all types of Louisiana Irises, including Historic and award winning.

Bed 6, Tall Bearded Award Winners Collection

Bed 6 is a Tall Bearded iris bed, devoted to award-winning irises from all over the world. Here you will see Dykes Medal, Wister Medal, as well as Award of Merit and Honorable Mention winners.

Bed 7, Japanese Iris Bed, Chad Harris Collection

This bed, sponsored by Mt. Pleasant Iris farm, is dedicated solely to Japanese irises introduced and donated by our generous sponsor Chad Harris of Mt. Pleasant Iris farm.

Bed 8, Mt. Pleasant Japanese Iris Bed

This bed, sponsored by Mt. Pleasant Iris farm, houses all types of Japanese irises including historic and award winners. If you’ve never seen a Japanese Iris blooming, you are in for a real treat!

Bed 9, Siberian Iris Bed

Bed 9 houses all types of Siberian Irises, including Historic, Minnesota, award winning, and reblooming.

Bed 10, Historic Rebloomers Bed

Bed 10 is devoted entirely to reblooming irises, focusing on historic reblooming introductions (1989 and older).

Bed 11, Modern Rebloomers Bed

Bed 11 is another bed devoted entirely to reblooming irises, this one housing the more modern introductions (1990 and newer). This bed is generously sponsored by Robin Shadlow of Iris Sisters Iris Farm!

Iris Bed Legend

Clockwise starting from W

W: Welcome bed (some of everything)
H: Historic Preservation
D: Dwarf bearded
MN: Minnesota hybridized, past & present
LA: Louisiana irises
M: Medals Award winners
J: Japanese irises
SIB: Siberians
HRE: Historic reblooming
RE: Reblooming irises

Varieties Exhibited
Hybridized in MN
Historic Cultivars